Cancer is big business. Those making the money will not recognize cures that are cheap and effective. If a cancer treatment can not be patented it will be called quakery. Before allowing mainstream medicine to inject poison into your body do your homework on benign cancer cures that have worked for others. cancer_cures_that_are_kept_secret
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The World of Cyperspace offers many 'miracle cures'. When the words 'incurable' meant me the race was on for my own cure. It was overwhelming!   Ma and I researched day and night. Ma called and talked to people that had cured themselves. The path finally became clear. Regrettably, it was too late for me. The Keith Brewer trial was done in 1984, year of my birth. It was hidden where it stays to this day. Simple, effective yet non patentable.  If only.
The Cesium trial was done at The University of Wisconsin in Platteville, Wisconsin.  Principles involved,  Marilyn Tufte of the Department of Biology, Frederick Tufte of The Department of Mathematics and A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D. 

First step approval of new drugs or protocols is testing on animals. This trial was done with mice. The response of the mice was promising and though not further trialed in 1984 it should be trialed today. The success of this protocol would greatly reduce the profit in antiquated chemotherapy and radiation methods.  It could not be patented.  No patent no money!  It remains the HIDDEN CANCER CURE.
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I don't want parents of children with cancer to be afraid. Be smart, learn every thing you can about the cancer your child has. You care more about the outcome than physicians ever will. They treat cancer for a living with methods taught in medical school. Most can't think outside the box to benign methods. The reason you hear one method is because that is their teaching, where the money is.

From fourteen years of research I would have gone this way for Brad before any talk of poisoning.

We are born with toxins in our body and it only grows with each year.


Done in 1984 the trial proves that cesium will raise Ph of the body. Cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline environment. This was ignored by the NCI. Many cures are ignored by the agency that we trust to be on the trail of a cancer cure. The profits made is astronomical with the standard of care we have lived with for so long and we have no cure.

Cancer is a business, to cure cancer would not be good for the industry.

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