Honest, straightforward help for parents with children with cancer. In shock with only mainstream help you are lost, powerless and no one to turn to. I hope I can shed some light on what is not done and where you might begin. know your doctors background
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Cancer is smarter than any researcher or physician that exists today. Many survive, many more do not. The ones that lose the battle fade away into obscurity.  Learn from my mistakes. Perhaps you will see the validity of what we would have done, perhaps not. The decision should always be yours and all options should be given to you.
That is our mission. Pass it along.

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Take the time to learn about your childs cancer. Ask questions about physicians that have schooled themselves in alternative cures. You will have a better one-on-one relationship with the doctor if they know your knowledgeable. Be relentless, insist on receiving all the facts that you ask for. Do not allow the physician to ignore your questions or discourage you. Be strong and assertive,  nicely strong.    The following is what I would have done if I had known.  As a parent it is imperative that you know these facts in order to make informed decisions.
Your child has been diagnosed with cancer.    Force yourself out of the shock.  You must calm down in order to think clearly.  Your child has no one that can wage the war like you can.   Do not put any physician on a pedestal, do not think they are going to give you all the information that you are entitled to have. They are not your friend, only people trained in chemotherapy and radiation. What they will offer you is compassion and what mainstream medicine has taught them. If that does not work it will be too late for your child. You must educate yourself.

Know Your Doctors Background
3.  Watch videos, do activities your child likes, anything that makes you and your child laugh. Though studies are being done that are inconclusive, laughter can only make you forget for awhile and it will do no harm. Brad and I always changed our mindset when we watched anything that gave us a good old belly laugh. One of our favorite was 'Ace Ventura Pet Detective' and 'Orange County'. Whatever your child likes, do it or watch it.
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              This is easier than you think.
It will empower you as parents to know all options.
1.  The most accurate process of knowing your physicians medical lawsuits is to go the the website of the Clerk of the Court of the county in which the physician practices.  For instance, I live in the county of Pasco in the state of Florida. I would go to the Pasco County Clerk of the Court. There you will find all legal proceedings that the physician has been involved in. This is the only accurate way of knowing your doctors competence. When you get to the Clerk of the Court of your county you will do a records search. You will have to agree to a disclaimer, no big deal, just do it.
EXAMPLE: Pasco County Clerk of the Court.
2.  Another resource is the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  Here you will find the physicians license number,  schools attended, specialties, where the intern ship was served.  This website is helpful but not for medical lawsuits.  The Department prefers to protect physicians from the public knowing how many lawsuits they have had.
EXAMPLE: Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Florida