My son was diagnosed with cancer at 15. Brad was born in 1984, the same year that over 400 toxins were fround in the umbilical cord of ten babies. If you are diagnosed with cancer tests are imperative to see the toxins in your body and the condition of your immune system. our environment is killing us

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May 10, 2013----The human race is the largest scale experiment in the history of the world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  reported that Co2 (carbon dioxide) levels have reached the point of no return. Global Warming can no longer be passed off as if it has not been happening. Monumental changes in our climate will speed up.  There will places on our planet where we will not be able to live. Read the article.

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Do not neglect this information. Never in the five years my son was in treatment for cancer was he tested for toxins. Brad was born in 1984 and over the years the toxins built up in his body. His doctors have no excuse for being unaware of this information. Brad should have been detoxed. His immune system was compromised or he wouldn't have developed cancer at age 15. It is now 2014 and these tests are NOT performed. Why?  I don't want to see children die because the Cancer Industry only cares about profit. If your child is diagnosed with cancer or any disease remember this information. It could be the difference between life and death. Your doctor is NOT going to do this unless you become a strong parent that wants your child to live.
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